Mucho Mojo

Mucho Mojo

Joe R. Lansdale's Mucho Mojo came recommended from a good friend, saying that the central protaganists' relationship mirrored ours to some extent.

He's got a point. The two protaganists are friends who have obviously been through a lot together and even because of each other, yet constantly take snipes at each other. They even spar with each other. It's interesting because on the one hand, this relationship mirrors many male-male friendships I am either part of or that I have observed, in that there is a lot of banter and horseplay used to offset any real displays of emotion. The twist is, in this story, one of the characters is gay. Not that there's…yeah, you know.

Anyway. Setting aside the very interesting dynamic of the two main characters as a straight man and a gay man as best friends, the writing is slow, and even paced as it takes the reader through a slow, hot South-East Texas summer and the discovery of a child's body beneath the floor of an inherited house. Lansdale uses the voice of his main character to voice the narration, dropping the I from the beginning of several sentences and sticking to a narrow first person point of view. He is another offer who prefers to sketch in a few details and then let the reader's imagination fill in the gaps, rather than create a whole palette's worth of shading when he writes his description of the people and places in the story.

The story itself is a straightforward mystery and, personally, I had no trouble figuring out whodunnit, but that did not distract from my enjoyment of the novel at all as the previously mentioned relationship was far more interesting to begin with. The one problem I did have was that the story relied heavily on long expository dialogue sequences with the main character filling in a lot of clues from intuitive leaps.

That said, it was a good mystery novel that managed to remain light, fast reading even while presenting a fairly heavy subject matter. I will be checking out more of the novels featuring these two characters very soon.


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