One of the ways I deal with stress is to consume.

I don't mean just food although there is certainly a lot of that, which accounts for a lot of my weight problems, but of media.  Since the funeral, I've been concentrating so hard on being a good husband that I just haven't had the energy or mental stamina to really create anything.  No paintings, really, and no writing.  The ideas are there and they are all dutifully written down or sketched out in my notebooks, but that is the full extent to which they have been executed.

However, normalcy and equilibrium are returning.  M is doing much better, and, as a couple, we're doing fine.  We just had our anual physicals and, while we will not get the results of the bloodwork, etc, for a few more weeks, the immediate results of the blood pressure, ekg, and such are all promising.  So, we're both feeling pretty ok.

In fact, I'm beginning to feel the urges to sit down and write and be creative again, which is a very good sign, for me, I think.  And, actually, sitting down to write this blog post feels pretty good.  But I should talk about the blog a bit. 

During the past couple of weeks, I have thought several times about deleting it and going offline.  De-wiring, you might say.  It just seemed like one more obligation that I had to fill that I did not feel up to doing.  On the other hand, I really like having a blog.  I like identifying myself as a blogger.  And back and forth and back and forth.  Ultimately, obviously, I decided to keep it.  At least through the end of this year.  And I'm hoping to be able to get back to the daily post here fairly soon.

In the meantime, I have decided to back-fill a lot of the missing posts.  I had sat down to write several times during the past couple of weeks and just had not been able to connect any thought very coherently.  But I did leave myself several notes.  Just about one for every day of the past two weeks, in fact.  So, I am going to flesh those out and post them, on the days they should have been posted. 

There is really no reason for me to backdate them other than I feel that they should have been posted on those days.  (And, uh,  it'll just look better whenever I collect this year's archives into book form.)

So, after you finish this post, which, you know, thank you very much for reading, keep scrolling down to find the missing posts.  Most of them are written as brief (300 – 500 word) reviews of the various media I have been ingesting over the past few days.



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