Killer Bunnies, Dude

Finally, we got our copy of Killer Bunnies!  Woot!

We were introduced to the game by friends of ours who brought it with them when they came for our wedding last September.  We had a great time learning to play the game and decided to buy our own copy.  

The problem, we found, was that the game was only available through the internet.  Now, obviously, interent shopping is no drama for me, however, the shipping would have doubled the price of the game. So we ordered a copy and had it sent to my mother's house in the States.  The idea was, when we were in the U.S., we would be able to pick it up and bring it back with us.  

Unfortunately, the set hadn't arrived at my mom's house be the time we got there, much less had to leave again.  So, when it finally arrived, mom shipped it to us for a much better price than the game company would have.  But it did take a while to get here (Not mom's fault, not complaining!  Don't look at me like that!) 

The point is, now we've got it and we've been teaching ourselves how to play it.  It's a good game, quick and fun and easy to learn, even for people who don't speak English that well.

We're looking forward to being able to teach our friends here how to play it this summer. 


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