Blogged Out

At last count I have something like 12 blogs. I’m not using them all, by any means, but they’re all there, available to me should I want them. Hell, some of them (Bloglines) are available to me whether I want them or not. Add in the various social bookmarking and networking sites (like and Flickr) and I have something like six billion websites with various bits of information on them. And then there are the new sites (Google Pages) and services (Stylehive) that are being unveiled everyday.

When these sites are linked and linkable via open APIs and tagging, they can make the web a much more useful and informative place to be, not to mention helping you keep the information you want and need much more organized and available. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

I recently switched to (and am writing this entry on) Ecto and found that it works fantastically well, for about half of my blogs. My long neglected Livejournal blog, which I keep only to access the sites of friends with LJ blogs more easily, lacks the open API necessary to let me update the site from my desktop. Well, a small correction, LJ has the open API, but you must have the upgraded ($$) site to access it. The other blog I keep that has limited functionality within Ecto is my Reger Data Logs. This is a service that I have been using only recently, but it is quite good at doing what it is meant to, which is provide a log of whatever data you wish to track. Reger does this by letting users build custom fields that can be updated with every post. Unfortunately, Ecto was not built with those custom fields in mind and is thus unable to update them.

Obviously, I enjoy this sort of thing, or else I wouldn’t be bothering, but it does sometimes get to be a little much. It seems like there is a new Web 2.0 offering every day, most of which are copying one of the better ideas already out there in cyberland. So, what I want now is another program, similar to any desktop blogging client that will let me update all these other sites and services, from my desktop, while I’m offline.

In the meantime, I’ll keep exploring new sites and looking for more services to subscribe to. For those that are curious, my full list of Toad Links will eventually be on my Googlepages site:


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