An Owl.


Originally uploaded by SunToad.

Wouldn’t you know it? I was finally able to make something my wife actually likes. She said to me, “It’s so cute! Why don’t you do more things like this?”

My answer: “I dunno.”

Anyway, I bought some brush pens the other day and this was my first attempt to use them. I didn’t manage to blend the colors very well; I was trying to paint with them like I would with, well, paints, and the colors here are inks, not paints and it doesn’t work so well. These brushes are meant to be used for sumi-e, literally ink pictures, like you see on Japanese screens and whatnot.

I, however, use them like crayons. It’s art. My wife said so.



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5 responses to “An Owl.

  1. Art–as beauty–is in the eye of the beholder.



  2. chris

    I like… try using a colorless blender to blend your inks. They make them in the same type brush pens. I own several and love them. You can use the blender ink before and then add your colored inks or use it after two blend inks that are next to one another. And it is cute. ;0)


  3. onemanriotsquad

    Yep, I agree. Great work. The good thing about the ink is that it forces you to be decisive. Where you put it is where it stays.

    more hugs,


  4. potvin29

    I like it. YOu should start your own cartoon strip with this guy.

  5. Utsunomiya Ojiisan

    I’ve had this thing for owls since the Twin Peaks tv show, plus Sesame Street way back when had an owl in it too.
    Where can I get one. I want to set him up out in the balcony out back, and drink beers with him all night long.

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