Chasing Sleep

The jet-lag is slowly being driven out of our systems through the judicious application of fresh fruit, long walks, and plenty of sleep, so life is beginning to return to normal after our hectic travel schedule of last week.

We had a very busy trip; I gathered a lot of fodder for the writing machine, now I just have to remember how to start the thing.  Also, as it is April, M and I have decided that it is time to throw off the accumulated sloth of winter and get back into diet and excercise programs as well as studying (for me, anyway).  We have gotten mostly unpacked so I hope to be able to set up the paints tomorrow and resume work on my old N'Orleans canvas, as the idea feels fresh in my mind again. 

So, with any luck, you will start to see more stories and paintings showing up on the blog again soon, and less of my ramblings about my daily activities. 


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