Sometime between three and seven pm yesterday, I manged to get a chest cold.  I’m coughing up my lungs, can barely speak, head’s stuffy and thick, and it feels like I’m starting to get the sniffles too.  Naturally, I am at work.

I am also down to my last episode of Battlestar Galactica until Friday.  I feel very irritable about each of these things and that they are happening simultaneously is only proof that there is a God and he enjoys messing with me.

Fortunately, I’ve got tomorrow off with absolutely nothing to do but stay home and feel sorry for myself.  Possibly study but if you’re looking to make a bet go with self-pity.  Anyway.  Mur Lafferty was very gracious and told me I could re-submit my story, so I have, and I’m not going to go watch that last ep. of BG before my last class.



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  1. OMRS

    Good man for re-submitting. At least now your piece has a little extra attention on it, eh. here’s hoping he likes the cut of your jib!

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