Stupid Toad

Ever realize that you’ve done something completely asinine with virtually no way to undo the damage?  Yeah.  Me too. I realized this morning that I had sent an un-corrected draft of a story in to a contest.  Just one of those things that happens when you e-mail too quickly.  I think in this case I was so nervous about sending the entry in that I got careless and made  a stupid mistake.  That wouldn’t be so bad except that it must look extremely unprofessional to the reviewers as well as making a horrible first impression.

I sent in an apology for wasting the reviewer’s time and cluttering up her inbox as well as asking for the entry to be disregarded but I feel like a complete tool.  Oh well.

The contest, for the record was the Critique Contest being hosted by Mur Lafferty.


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One response to “Stupid Toad

  1. OMRS

    I think you’re a rather INcomplete tool!
    As I said, I think there’s something Freudian in the fuck up, because you know best, even subconciously, when a work is ready. For the record, that was one of your better pieces and I really liked it. Hope you submit it elsewhere and keep at it!
    Remember, Toad is king of the world!

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