I get my swear on in this post. You’ve been warned.

A year or so ago, I got this great punk compilation called “Springman to the Rescue” from Springman Records. One of the tracks was absolutely killer. Well, several tracks were killer, but one in praticular, called “I Want Some Pussy Yo” by the Enema Bandits just rocked the world inside my head.

It’s a great song about being the geeky kid in the class and having a crush on a girl who wants nothing to do with you.

Sample lyric:

Walkin’ down the hall again,
Just wanna talk to Allison,
She just smiles and looks away,
Because I’m not the Fonze.

And it’s set to this great beat.  It sounds like they didn’t or couldn’t mic the drums when they recorded it so they’ve got this fantastic hollow sound that just drives the song.
One thing that cracks me up about it, something that’s very punk rock is that the song doesn’t swear or contain anything that would be censorable except for a tacked on audio clip at the very end that says “man, I want some pussy yo!”

If you’ve ever been a teenage boy, you know just exactly how funny that is.

Anyway. It’s a great song, buy a great band…

…but I can’t find any information about it.  I’ve googled the lyrics, the band, everything I can think of and I get nothing useful back except links to the CD that I’ve already freaking bought!

“…all the attention I get from them is absolutely negative…”


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