Somedays, I Love My Job II

Tonight’s lesson was giving advice, using a basic sentence, but vocusing on verb patterns.  For example: “You should go sightseeing in Kyoto.” vs. “You should go see Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto.”I had five students in the class, all guys, who are pretty laid back and very willing to joke around and tease each other.  If you’ve been teaching for more than three days in this country, you’ll know how rare that is.  Anyway.  These guys all get along really well and they all feel pretty comfortable with me, too, so along with lots of textbook sentences matching the patterns above, there were some slightly more…risque sentences as well.

Some of the vocabulary phrases introduced tonight were: go trainspotting, go people-watching, go bar-hopping, go to pick up girls, try to get her phone number, buy her a drink, go cruising, and go clubbing.

Maybe I’m an evil teacher, but man that was a fun class.  And I can guarantee that those guys will never forget that particular grammar structure.


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