What’s the Collective Noun for a Bunch of Geeks?

Grey rainy day today and I got whammied.  I’ve been listening to a couple of fun, sf geek podcasts lately, Slice of Sci-Fi and Wingin’ It.  They’re great to listen to on the commute to and from work.  They’re funny and lively and make the time go by fairly quickly.

They’re also making me homesick.  Not in a “I wanna go home” kind of way, but in a “man, sometimes I miss living in the States, like now, when I could be getting my geek on all over the con circuit”.  Which is something new.  I mean, I liked going to the cons and whatnot but I’ve never really missed them before.  But I was listening to an audio clip from one of the podcasting panels at Dragon Con 2005 and just got hit with this wave of longing to be there, at the con.  Couldn’t really care less where the Con was geographically, I just wanted to be at the Con.

I think the only thing to be done for it is to keep building my Japanese and start going to some of the various conventions that are constantly being held down in Tokyo.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to find many sci-fi ones but I know there are art and geek cons all the time.   So I just need to find them.  To be part of a community again, no matter how geeked out it is.



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2 responses to “What’s the Collective Noun for a Bunch of Geeks?

  1. Leon

    You should get into computer games! It’s strange because I’m the opposite to you. I feel more fredom to geek out when I go to Japan than when I’m in the UK. I even bought the soundtrack to a computer game last time I went to Tokyo. I’m proud to say that I also once attended the launch party of a games console. Great geekery.

  2. OMRS

    Answer: Electro-space-gaggle of…

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