Colors Thrown at Canvas Until An Image Appears

I met with the One Man yesterday morning to discuss my latest existential crisis. Now, to be fair, I should mention that, for myself, turning to the One Man for existential advice is much like the blind man leading the able-sighted man who refuses to do anything but sit in the backseat and shout bad directions in a loud voice. I leave it to you to decide who fills which roll.

So. This particular existential crisis revolves around my painting. I had, earlier this week, lost the drive. I had, in fact, destroyed the N’Orleans painting featured previously on this blog. Recently, painting just hadn’t been fun. In fact it seemed like work. With so much on my plate that must be done, a complicated, involved painting just seemed like one more straw on this particular camel’s back.

However, through conversation with the One Man, and my own initiative in taking today off to do nothing but get a) caught up, and b) relaxed, I’ve re-discovered some inspiration. The One Man’s advice was to perhaps return to acrylic paints, which are fast drying and easy to apply, as they require minimal mixing. My own advice to myself was to try simpler subjects with broad swathes of color and minimal details, like the paintings I like to see. In other words, relax and paint for myself, in the time and setting I have available. Do not plan to paint as it becomes something else I have to do. Paint when and where I want to. So, for that, I’d like to thank the One Man, for what he said, and for giving me somewhere to bounce ideas off of.

Current inspiration comes from some drawings I did long ago, as a child, that I found in a box. They’re simple but filled with weird perspective and strange connections, like all children’s art is. I think I want to turn one into a painting, trying to preserve as much of my eight year old imaginings as possible. Other inspiration comes from remembering one of my most commercial works, painted with acrylics on cheap cardboard-backed canvas from the one-hundred yen shop. I think I’d like to try more of those. Simple images that are inherently suited for commercialization. Maybe.

Or maybe I’ll just use the palette knife again and just throw colors at a canvas until something appears.

However I go about it, it will be with the reminder that I do this because I like to, not because I have to, firmly planted in my head.



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2 responses to “Colors Thrown at Canvas Until An Image Appears

  1. OMRS

    You’ll find most problems can be solved by splashing a wild array of acrylics on them. Remeber your old boss?

  2. Oh well. Your NO painting had a great design, and from the quality of the image posted, it looked near enough to be called “done,” to me.

    I have a few unfinished pieces from years ago waiting for me to figure out the next step. I like the concept enough and have the storage space so I figure why not hang on to them?

    You need to ask yourself are just wanting to be a hobbyist, or be a serious painter? I doubt there are any serious painters who think it’s fun and relaxing all the time. How can you you stretch yourself and get better if work isn’t sometimes required. I know it’s an odd balancing act … been there, and I can’t figure it out either! Just another perpective. Hang in there!

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