The Revolution May Be Televised

You know, if they would let me go back to university and major in television, I would. In a heartbeat. And I don’t mean tv writing or producing or anything. I mean watching. Seriously.

I could write disertation after disertation if they’d just let me. Just tonight I was watching Cheers episode 421, Strange Bedfellows Part 1, and who did I see? Why Captain Janeway! (Also known as Kate Mulgrew.) I even spotted Michael Hagerty (you know him as Mr. Treeger on Friends) as a barfly in the opening skit. And I thought, man, there just has to be a paper in there somewhere. Maybe on typecasting or something.

Anyway. In a completely unrelated note, I’m working on building a status page, mainly because Merlin said we all need one.

All for now.


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