A couple of the lads and I went on a snow / ice hike today.  Our pace was a little slow for them, but challenging for me.  I’m pretty wiped out, so, here are just some random tidbits to end the week:

I’ve been using Stockdigg for the past couple of days and am finding it to be an incredibly useful tool for researching stocks as I prepare to re-enter the game.  The site functions on a “tagg” system, combined with news headlines (similar to Digg, hence the name), RSS feeds, and all that other Web 2.0 goodness, all of which lets the users pair news stories to related activity indices for the stock in question.  For example, this evening, I searched for “Atari”, the electronic games manufacturer you all remember from childhood, and found several headlines pertaining to the current state of the company (bad) as well as a chart listing it’s price and the most recent activity.  Try it.

In completely unrelated news, I’m trying the writing thing again.  I’ve put together a story for “Traveler’s Tales: 30 Days in Italy” that will go into the submission queue sometime tomorrow evening.  So, if you have any good karma to spare, and wouldn’t mind squandering some on my attempts to become the world’s greatest living author,  sent it my way.

I’m also completely fascinated by Lonely Planet‘s new service / book: Bluelist.  Since I’ve been living in a foreign country for the past five years, I keep thinking there’s got to be one of these that I could write, but I’m a bit stuck for ideas at the moment, so if anyone has a suggestion, I’d love to hear it.

Also completely unrelated to anything else, a friend of mine has agreed to give me a few pointers in swimming with the butterfly stroke, which is both very cool of him and very kind.

Last, I guess, is that, unfortunately, I didn’t get any work done on the latest painting this weekend, being either out of time or just completely worn out, or both.  But I hope to get it finished this week.  Then I should be able to get it ready, along with a few others, for a group exhibition I’ll be participating in this Spring.  I’ll post details as I learn them.

All for now.


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