N’Orleans – Guide Lines Painted In

First I should apologize for the crappy quality of this photo – I had to blow out the contrast in order for the guidelines to be visable, and even then they’re really only visable if you’re looking for them.

So, what I did was, use the oil sticks again, this time a light peach to sketch in the basic composition lines of the building. I liked doing it this way because it feels closer to the original drawing; the approach is more similar to illustration than to traditional painting which was a nice change. Also, I feel like it’ll be easier to blend the final colors with the oil stick than it would be if I had used pencil.

In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out how all those ambitious people, who managed to complete their to do lists on a regular basis, live with themselves. I’ve only managed to get a few things done today but I’m already feeling so incredibly smug that I can’t stand myself. What a dilemna.


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