N’Orleans – Pencil Sketch

N’Orleans – Pencil Sketch

Originally uploaded by SunToad.

The good news is that I’m no longer in a state of brain-fried-ness, the bad news is that, once again, I’m in way over my head with ambitious projects. I managed to break out of the brain-fried state by indulging it, as is the way of so many things. I took most of yesterday and watched “Cheers” on DVD while working on a painting and then spent the afternoon window shopping with my wife.

I’ve added a photo of the sketch I’m working off of to this post. The sketch is based on a photo I took in New Orleans several years ago when I went there for Mardi Gras. I’m slowly turning it into the current painting, photos of which will probably take the place of real posts this week as I work on other things.

Those other things include trying to get some pieces written for various open submissions with due dates in February. If any of them are actually accepted I’d actually get a small bit of cash and, more importantly, the phrase “published author” added to my resume. The interesting thing, to me, anyway, is that all these current possibilities are based on non-fiction work. Travel pieces based on trips to Jamaica and Italy and another based on life in Japan, as well as a couple of ideas for submissions to magazines – I’m going to try submitting a few ideas to see if they’ll pay me to write instead of paying for a story I’ve already written. (Not that anyone’s done that yet either.)

I’m also revamping my study process. It’s becoming readily apparent that I’m not retaining very much of what I’ve been reading, so I’ve decided to stop using the computer to study and return to that old standby of pencil and paper. Which is much more time consuming but I seem to remember more by doing that, so, you do what you gotta do, right?

Anyway, I’m hoping to get more real posts, and fun posts written, but they’ll probably appear on the site at a more leisurely pace than they have been so far this year.


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