Folding Bike

I want a Folding Bike. Well. Not really. Maybe. Kinda. I dunno.

Here’s the thing – I’m driving a lot these days. This has two primary advantages in that it is a) faster and b) warmer. However, it has several disadvantages: It’s more expensive. I have to pay for gasoline, oil changes, and parking. It’s not as good for my health, obviously. Driving creates stress instead of releasing it. And finally, it’s just not as much fun.

Now, a lot of the driving I do involves getting from one teaching location to another, or from one meeting with friends to another. So, the thought struck me that if I could take my bike on the train or in my car, I would save time by getting to primary locations quickly and using the bike to get to secondary locations. (This would also let me park in free parking lots somewhat distant from my usual haunts.)

Let me give you an example. On Fridays, I begin my day in Nasu-Shiobara, where I have one class. I then drive 8 kilometers south to Otawara, where I have my next class, one hour later. I then drive back to Nasu-Shiobara to go swimming. The pool is 12 kilometers from Otawara. After a swim it’s back to Otawara for another class. In each case I would have approximately one hour to cycle 12K. After finishing in Otawara, it’s back to the first location in Nasu-Shiobara for my final class. That’s a lot of driving back and forth for one day; especially given that the times and locations of those classes are easily within cycling distance.
However, my current bike, which I love, is too big to go on the train and the only way to get it in the car would be via roof rack or rear rack, both of which I’m reluctant to buy as I don’t own the car and would hate to be stuck with a rack I couldn’t use with my next vehicle. Hence the idea of buying a folding bike. They’re easy enough to take on the train and one would fit in the cargo space of most vehicles.

But I really can’t decide if this would be a practical purchase or just me getting distracted by shiny things again.


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