Gadgets that Don’t Exist but that I Want to Have

In lieu of a real post today, I thought I’d put up a list of what I’m currently jonesing for, tech-wise.

First, a Bluetooth enabled iPod – I love my iPod, as does everyone I know who has one. However, I get really tired of the mess of cables protruding from the left hand side of my laptop. Since all new Macs come with Bluetooth built in these days, it doesn’t seem like it would be asking for too much to have my iPod Sync and Update functions take advantage of this wireless capability and leave me with one less spaghetti strand to clutter up my workspace.

Next, a Google PC with Google OS – Two computers is slowly becoming a common feature of many people’s lives. Myself, I like having a laptop for work and a desktop to use as a media and game player at home. Now, when it comes to desktops, I love the Mac Mini’s form factor and I love the Google Pack. If Google would write their own OS and enter the market as a competitor to Microsoft, Apple, and the various Linux and other niche players, with a media-and-web-centric PC, well, that would be just groovy. I think Google should be the one to do this purely because I use G-mail. But if Yahoo wanted to, I think they’re also in a good position to pull it off. It’s something I’d like to see in the market, if for no other reason than competition drives prices down, but it’s something I’d like to use as well. Given the lack of these products right now, I’ll probably buy a Mac Mini sometime next year, but, still, I think it’d be nice to have a Google box at home.

Third, an Apple PDA – They made one, years ago, the Newton and it pretty much tanked. There’s all kinds of reasoning and speculation as to why it did, but it’s really neither here nor there. I think Apple may be headed in this direction with iPod Accessories, like holding contacts and notes, but I think they could go all the way and add a stylus and touch-pad to make it competitive as a PDA, or just design one from the ground up to match their current range of products. As above, built in Bluetooth that let you sync it to your existing Mac would be great and seemingly easy to do. I’d especially love one with an e-ink screen and built in e-book reader functionality.

Last, and not really a product, is Convergence – It’s been a buzz word for a few years, and writing the above, about turning the iPod into a PDA made me think of this. I’m not averse to having multiple gadgets, but I’m getting tired of needing a bat-belt to carry them all. If any of the big players would get on the ball and make a super stylish media player and a super stylish PDA, I’d happily carry two devices. One for info, the other for entertainment.

Here’s hoping.


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