He got the last pizza.

I could tell from the way he kept staring at the screen in the train. Every time the announcer said how many minutes we had left until we got to Ueno, he damn near drooled. Even then, I thought, maybe I was just being paranoid. Then, when I saw him shove through the crowd to get to the station exit nearest the park, I knew what he was after.

I checked my watch thinking that I would give him the Nod when I saw him at the pizza place. Then what I had seen on my watch’s face registered in my mind. A quarter to five. The shop was down to their last pizzas. The ones in the oven before four-thirty. The man was after my pizza.

I raced through the park, dodging school kids and bums alike, jumping over benches and the occasional stroller, making elaborate swoops up embankments to get around the thickest parts of the crowd, only to arrive at the pizza shot in time to hear them say to the man, “congratulations, you got the last one.”

The old bastard had the audacity to look at me and wink.

So, I set to work. Using my advanced ninja skills and a fishing set I grabbed from ACME, I posted up in a tree and waited for him to walk by. When he paused to enjoy the aroma drifting up from the hot pie box, I lowered my fishing line, having already replaced the hook with a suction cup. I waited until he had the door of his building open and was just about to step inside before I hooked the pizza right out of his hands.

I quickly kicked the door shut and bolted it from the outside. I ran up the stairs and sat on the railing, eating the pizza while he stared at me from the inside. He looked calm, and peaceful, but he’s making plans, I just know it.

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