Movies I Watched This Week

Shopgirl – Simple curiosity prompted me to watch this film and I’m very glad I did. It plays with some of the same themes as Lost in Translation and Rushmore. Steve Martin plays a man who falls for a shopgirl, played by Claire Danes, who seems just a little bit lost in both L.A. and her own head. It’s pretty quirky but it was very well put together. As a side note, it’s not only written and directed by Steve Martin, it’s based on his own novella.

Garden State – For some reason, this film was listed in the comedy section of the video store which isn’t where I would have put it. Quirky, yes. Interesting, yes. Funny, not so much. But, as with Shopgirl, very well written and very well made. Also stars one of my favorite actresses, Natalie Portman. Zach Braff plays a guy who’s been on mads so long he’s gone numb to life. When he goes back to his hometown after nine years for his mother’s funeral, he decides to stop taking the meds. Things get interesting.

Old School – It took me a while, but I finally saw this and am beginning to understand the appeal of the frat pack. I watched the unrated version, hoping for extra boob shots and wasn’t disappointed. The plot is fairly simple but it’s light and funny and that still counts for a lot with me.

Million Dollar BabyClint, baby. This was great. M and I watched it together and had very similar reactions. We both spent the last act of the movie reaching for tissues and pretending we had caught colds. Everytime Eastwood steps into the director’s role, you can just about bet on a good show and this one definately lives up to expectations.

Sahara – I had never read any Clive Cussler books before seeing this movie but I’ve got one in progress now with two more on the shelf. Not because Sahara is the best action film I’ve seen, but because it’s a good one with just enough humor and romance to let the action build up between explosions. It reminded me of The Mummy in that it’s not trying to be anything more than a fun action movie and I liked that.

The 40 Year Old Virgin – This was the funniest movie I’ve seen in years. And not really because of one liners but because of the characters reactions to very mundane events and somewhat over the top personality quirks. Lots of fun and something I intend to buy sooner or later.

Wedding Crashers – The second frat pack movie I watched this week and just as much fun as the first. I don’t know that I’ll buy the DVD but I’ll happily watch it again.


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