I’m done with resolutions. They never get me anywhere, mainly because they’re almost never stuck with.

This year, I’m setting goals. And only two of them.

I aim to lose 15 kilos. That’s actually not too hard. Keeping it off is the really difficult part. But I’m signing up at the pool in the town I work in, sometime next week and I’ve already started working on the diet.

Losing 15 kilos won’t make me skinny, but it’ll take me from amateur sumo status to amateur linebacker status. I hope.

The other goal is to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test next fall. That’s going to be tough. I’ve got a long, long way to go on that one, but it’s definately time for me to get serious about studying.

I guess that’s the point of both of these. These are not things that I want to do. These are the things that must be done. All of the writing and painting and whatnot can be done later, but those two things have been put off long enough.

Here’s hoping.


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