I fell into a GTD trap today.

I had promised myself that I’d use my vacation time to work on projects and Get Things Done. I wouldn’t just waste my time on the internet and games, I would actually work. I have classes to prep. for, for when my vacation time is done. I have some personal projects to work on (in theory, I’m working on writing about six different books and building some photo essays and a starting the ground work on three new paintings).

But neither of those things have happened. Instead, I’ve fallen into a trap. I’ve been completely caught up in finding and learning new productivity tools (read software), which, while not a bad thing in and of itself, becomes a bad thing when it takes time away from actually doing anything.

And then there’s the fact that I spent all morning drinking coffee with my friends and all afternoon shopping with my wife. But that doesn’t count.

No,the point here is that productivity tools are just tools. They are the means, not the end. And they will help me achieve my ends, just as soon as I learn how to use them.


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