Boxing Day

The end of the year cleaning has begun. Shudder.

Actually, it’s not too bad this year. The main thing has been our collective decision to weed stuff out. We had done a pretty good weeding when we moved into this apartment, but the feeling is that now, we can do a second very easily by going through the boxes of stuff that haven’t been opened, i.e. stuff we haven’t missed in the past six months.

First up for me is software and books. When my old PC (R.I.P. Sniff.) was new I played a lot of games on it. As it got older and game software got bigger and better, I didn’t play nearly as much. And now, with the mac, well, there’s a lot of good software that I’m not going to be using, so I may as well offer the stuff to friends and friends of friends (if you’re reading, and are interested, e-mail me at mighty toad at g mail dot com).

And books. I’ve got three boxes of books that I’ve read and don’t feel the need to hang on to, so, instead of carting them down to Tokyo, I figured I’d just let the aforementioned friends(again, if you’re interested, e-mail me) before donating the rest to the Tochigi International Association. Now I’ve just got to figure out how to claim that on my Japanese taxes…

Beyond that, well, there’s lots to be done but I don’t have anywhere near as clear a place to start.

Oh well.


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