Here’s the latest. It was actually intended to be just the background of a much more detailed painting but I really liked the colors. And that I could call it done and no one could really argue with me. I had the idea ages ago and did a small painting that didn’t really work for me. This one, which is obviously much more impressionistic, I think works much better. At least, I think that for now. We’ll see how I feel next weekend after I’ve had to walk around the wet painting in my office for a week or so…

Mainly though, I just really wanted to paint something and I wanted to do it fast. I’ve got ideas for long paintings, stuff that’s going to require sketches and research and whatnot and I’m looking forward to doing them. But I hadn’t painted anything since October and I just wanted to get my hands wet, so to speak. It felt good, I’m glad I did it and I now feel much more ready to go on and do some other paintings over the holidays. Probably smaller paintings too.

This is the largest canvas I’ve ever worked on; it’s two feet by two and a half feet wide. (They were having a sale at the art supply store. I had cash in my wallet. Thus does life happen.) It’s oils on canvas and done mainly with a wide brush that looks much more like something you’d use to paint a wall, not to make a painting but, yeah, well, learn something new every day, right?

In other brief news, M and I saw the latest Harry Potter film last night. I really enjoyed it, she thought it was good but not great. I’m enjoying watching the kids get older and the fact is, they’re getting better as actors as they age which is nice to see. Also, movie four is the first time there’s any real character development. It’s the first time the title character and his friends really get into any sort of angsty drama stuff and the kids pulled it off well. The effects are getting much better as well; I think the production team is getting very good at making the same old stuff seem new and exciting (e.g. Quidditch).

Anyway. Back to work tomorrow and not really looking forward to it but not dreading it either. Classes will be fun, I know, it’s just that when I’m teaching I’m not standing in my apartment with the canvas in front of me and Firefly playing on the screen.

Two more weeks and then two weeks off.


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