Ego Damaged, Still Functional

Well, I got a form letter the day before yesterday, from JPG Magazine, saying, “We’re sorry to inform you that we have not chosen your
submission for this issue.” I was expecting it, but I’m still a little disappointed.

Following close on the heels of that e-mail were several from Fotolia; three telling me they were accepting photos and four telling ‘no thanks’, which brings my accepted total to 50% of submissions. They had a variety of reasons for not taking the ones the rejected, and that’s ok.

Then, of course, there’s NaNoWriMo, which ended today, and where my Grand Total stands at 17,000 words for this year.

Oh well.


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One response to “Ego Damaged, Still Functional

  1. CS

    Hey JN its CS, hows it going?? Sorry sending this and clogging up your comment in box, but I dont have your mail address and I wanted to send you a message. If you use MSN plese feel free to add me to your contacts (if you want to that is!!!!) my mail address is
    By the way mate your blog is quality…keep up the good work!!

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