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Sorting through my MP3 collection has been becoming more and more of a problem lately. It doesn’t seem to make much difference how I sort them – alphabetically by song title or artist or just by album and track number – I can never find the song I’m looking for quickly or easily. To help combat that, I’ve been running the Music Brainz Tagger and getting the ID Tags on my several thousand MP3 files cleaned up. Hopefully, once that’s done (in a day or three) I’ll be able to load them all into iTunes or a library program or something and be able to find, and access, the file I’m looking for, when I’m looking for it. Idle Tunes seems like a program that is perfectly designed for what I’d like to do, so I’ll probably try it in a few days.

In the meantime, I’ve been listening to a new form of internet radio, called Pandora, and it just rocks. The idea behind it is that you build a radio station yourself by selecting a starting band or song and then the software takes over and plays songs with similar sounds and themes. The user interface is incredibly easy to use and allows for some gentle direction from the user, guiding the direction of the music. For example, I began with the band Wilco and the radio station moved from them to Trey Anastacio to Rogue Wave to dios to Grant Lee Buffalo to Son Volt to My Morning Jacket to Counting Crows to Matchbox Twenty to “Echo” by Tom Petty, which I’ve been listening to as I write this.

Now, while I like or really like all those bands, that’s not the beautiful part. The beautiful part is that, in addition to providing me with new stuff to get (Amazon links are provided with band / artist info.) it’s reminding me of stuff that I love but had forgotten. Witness “Echo”. A beautiful song that I listened to for countless days on end back in uni, but which I hadn’t heard in a long long time, mainly due to my music collection being so big I have no idea what I have. Which goes right back to the first paragraph in tonight’s post. Gotta get this stuff organized.

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