By Popular Demand

In accordance with the laws of procrastination, I spent the evening making a new Cafe Press store, rather than attempting to write through the, if not writer’s block, then extreme difficulty of writing this story.

Anyway, this is not a new image but it is one of my more popular ones. Due to requests (Ok, one request and it was my wife’s) I’ve made several products available at In the spirit of full disclosure, I should point out that I get between one to two dollars (US) for each product sold. However, don’t feel that you have to. I made this because M wants a tote bag and I thought I’d get her one with one of the few paintings of mine she actually likes. On the other hand, if you see something you like, well, feel free.

After long and careful consideration, I’ve decided that I’m completely open to selling my artwork. So. If you know of one of my Paintings or Photos that you’d like to see some sort of product for, just send an e-mail to me (mighty toad at G mail dot com) and let me know what you’d like. I’ll keep the pricing low. I promise. 🙂


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