Fingers Crossed

Tonight, I spent far too much time making a book. Not writing a book, like I was supposed to be doing. Making. I took all the collected writings from my first four websites, Autoneuroticism, /blog, Somedays, and Autoneuroticism v. 2.0, and I put them into a 120 page volume called “Autoneuroticism”.

I even made my own cover.

However, I wanted to get it done so I’m afraid I may have been too hasty. I’m wishing I had taken a week between creation and publication to review it for errors. Also, while I made a Table of Contents, Title Page, and Foreward, I didn’t make a copyright page and I wish I had. Oh well, I guess I can fix all of that stuff in a revision if it’s really necessary.

And it’s not really. The book isn’t for general consumption, it’s just for me, like having a finished diary or journal or something. Still, I wanted it to look as much like a real book as possible and I think I may have been too hasty to have done that.

We’ll just have to wait and see what it looks like, I guess.


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