Hacking USB drives seems to be the in thing. Hot Wheels, Pez Dispensers, even Homer J. Simpson have gotten the hacker treatment. It seems to be a relatively simple and painless procedure. One just needs a Dremel (or Dremel-like) tool, an USB drive you’re not using, and some sort of toy or figurine.

Well, I want to play too. And it just so happens that I have the tools and the USB drive. Unfortunately, I have very little experience or technical know-how when it comes to electronics and / or hacking in general. But, still, you’ve got to start somewhere.

So, I’m just waiting until I find that perfect toy to tear apart and re-build in my own unique and configureable way, hopefully with the ability to read and write up to 256 MBs of data.

The hunt is on.

See more progress on: Hack a USB Flash Drive

Cross-posted from 43 Things.


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