It’s not going well this year. Last year I was able to pound out 2,000 words per day fairly easily, this year I’m getting 1,000 per day if that. Which means I’m falling behind fairly quickly. I should be hitting the 14,000 word mark today and instead, I’m pushing 8,000 as of this morning, after an hour of writing.

I’ll do another hour tonight and see if I can bring that a little closer to 10K, but, I dunno. The story is not going well. I’ve already had ideas about two major revisions that each involve sending the story in a different direction and include massive amounts of re-writing.

But I guess that’s the point of this excercise – just get all ideas down and worry about editing and re-writing later. So, I’ll keep plugging away at it but it’s a bit discouraging at the moment.


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