Diving the Reef

Several years ago my family and I, along with my then girlfriend’s family took a joint SCUBA vacation to Cozumel. It was an absolutely fantastic experience.

We stayed in a slightly decrepit old hotel right on the ocean. The pool’s splash guard was the only thing between the hotel grounds and the bright blue of the Carribbean Sea. The hotel (the name of which I’ve unfortunately forgotten) had a walk-off dive point and hammocks strung over the water.

The people were fantastic, sharing their history and culture with anyone who asked, as well as giving impromptu Spanish lessons on the boats and in the restaurants.

The food was equally fantastic. Chicken and fish tacos, tostadas, tamales, everything.

My favorite memories, however, are of diving. I remember doing an 70 foot dive off a reef wall and stepping away from the face of the wall and turning around to experience the purest blue I’ve ever seen. At seventy feet down, with my back to the reef and my dive buddy behind me, this incredible blue filled my entire field of vision.

At other reefs we saw the usual assortment of tropical marine life and spent time feeding the groupers and getting easy thrills from seeing reef sharks up close.

The recent hurricane seems to have done a terrible amount of damage to the island; I hope that the locals are able to repair the damage and their lives soon.

See more progress on: Cozumel

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