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As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, my current painting ideas are ripping off other artworks. I’m hoping that, if by some miracle of a chance, the orignal artists see my efforts they’ll realize that I’m just practicing, not stealing.

Right. Uhm. Anyway.

Here’s the original…

And here’s my sketch based off of it…

I’ve got a full line drawing worked up and the colors almost decided on; I’ve already done a pencil transfer to canvas and started laying down some of the base paints (the yellow and blue and white that are needed under other primary or secondary colors to really make them pop) and I hope I’ll be able to get that up online soon. I’m working in acrylics this time so I hope it’ll all go a bit faster and cleaner than the bug picture did. This canvas is also half the size of the bug picture, so, yeah, probably quite a bit faster.

I’m concentrating on the human form this time around and I chose this cover to work off of because I love the book and thought this photograph was just really striking in addition to actually adding something to the mysteriousness of one of the central characters.

Anyway, I will, of course, keep you all informed of progress.


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