Diary Post

Woke up this morning and headed into Utsunomiya via bike and had coffee with the One Man. From the coffee shop, we went to the driving range and mucked about. (Stood around shooting the breeze while the golf balls sat in their buckets looking about as forlorn as an object with 8 bazillion dimples can look.)

Got home and decided that I had done enough moving for the day and crashed in front of the tv. Watched the first episode of “Threshold”. Decided I didn’t like it. Watched “Everybody Hates Chris” instead. Liked it quite a lot.

Picked M up from work. Came home. Read a few chapters of “Kafka On the Shore” by Murakami. It’s one of the weird ones. Haven’t decided how I feel about it yet.

Went with M to a neighborhood Udon restaurant for dinner. It was ok. Food was good without being great and a little pricey.

Worked all evening on a new painting – well, the sketch, the line drawing and color schemes for a new painting. Went nowhere near the actual, you know, paints and whatnot.

Now I’m going to bed, feeling like it was a long and busy day but I didn’t get much accomplished. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.


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