Completely Un-necessary Research for the Evening

The question on the floor is – Were artists like Lichtenstein and Warhol breaking copyright when they created works using others logos and drawings without accrediting them? Think of Lichtenstein’s paintings of comic book panels and Warhol’s Campbell’s soup as examples.

I’m especially curious in Lichtenstein’s case as he used entire frames, right down to the background in his paintings. I don’t know if it’s covered under fair use or if it was controversial when he made it. (I know it was controversial in an “It’s not art!” sort of way, but I don’t know about any copyright controversy.)

I’m curious because of two painting ideas I have. I’m not going to reveal the ideas (in case they completely suck or I can’t pull them off, not because I enjoy keeping secrets. Seriously, I’m crap at keeping secrets. Can’t do it. Anyway.) but I feel like I need to check into the whole copyright thing a little more carefully before proceding to do the paintings and then put them up on the interwebnets for everyone to see.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got Googling to do.


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